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Wildlife Exclusion in Orange County, CA

What You Can Expect: Comprehensive Care, Customer-First Mentality

Since we put your needs above all else, we have the experience and services necessary to address any wildlife problem you may encounter. With a "nothing left behind, trap and remove" mentality, our experts can administer a variety of services to tackle:

  • Deer
  • Rodents
  • Birds
  • Bears
  • Snakes
  • Groundhogs
  • And more

We can solve the majority of wildlife problems with our basic exclusionary practices. We'll use materials from bird control suppliers and seal every hole 1/4 and up. We utilize a wide variety of exclusion materials, depending on whether a deterrent is necessary or an exclusionary method must be in place. We will even clean the area, including droppings, nests, etc.

For bird problems specifically, we'll undergo a thorough inspection that includes looking for nesting, perching, or roosting sites, droppings, nests, and areas of shelter they can utilize. We will clean and sanitize affected areas, install exclusion materials, bird spikes, optical gel, jolt track, and netting as warranted. We will then monitor the situation (as pest birds can be incredibly dangerous sources of bacteria).

Another common source of bacteria on your property that requires special attention is a rodent problem. Our rodent inspections include checking for entrances into the home, gaps 1/4 to 1/2 inch or bigger, droppings, smudge marks, trees or bushes touching the house, pet food, or harborage areas outside the home, along with chew marks or holes.

Our rodent treatments start with exterior exclusion methods, during which we'll seal up entry points to make it so pests can't get in. On the inside, we'll eradicate the current problem by setting up glue boards and traps in their areas of activity. After every exclusion, we'll do a one-week follow-up visit or respond to any issues if the homeowner calls. Like all of our wildlife exclusion services, these treatments are covered by our pest-free guarantee. 

The Black Diamond Pest Control Difference

When you partner with a Black Diamond Pest Control wildlife removal expert, you'll experience the difference when working with us, or you'll get your money back. With industry-leading treatments and thorough follow-up inspections, we always guarantee that your home and family will remain safe because we'll put your needs first. You won't be just another treatment to check off the list and then forget about completely. Once you're a part of the Black Diamond Pest Control family, you'll see why everyone is switching to the company that's breaking the Orange County, CA area pest control barriers. Call us today to schedule a free inspection for all of your wildlife problems in the Costa Mesa, CA area.

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