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The Best Way To Handle A Rodent Infestation In Orange County

December 15, 2021 - rodents

Insect issues are hard to overcome, but rodent ones are even more challenging. Since they're bigger than bugs, you can’t just crush them with your foot. You probably shouldn’t go near them because they're capable of scratching and biting. They also are carriers of germs and diseases. To make matters worse, rodents can destroy your Orange County property.

You have to stay on the defensive with rodents because they’ll have no trouble getting indoors. Then, they’ll be busy procreating in masses. Invasions happen pretty quickly. Being familiar with preventative protocols is a must. Find out how to ward vermin off and what Black Diamond Pest Control can do to help you. 

What Rodents Are In Orange County? What Are The Risks?

House mice and roof rats are two species that are all over the area. Rodents remain close to human quarters because they’ll have access to continual warmth, food, and water. House mice are mainly present in domiciles and establishments, hence their name. They are 7 inches long and have gray, brown, or black fur. However, brighter shades are on their stomach. Slipping through holes ½ of an inch around is easy for them, given that their bodies are elastic. Their sharp teeth are useful too. Dark spots with low traffic are prime for hiding.

Roof rats are about 15 inches long, with 7-inch tails. Towering places are where these black or brown critters prefer to be. For instance, power lines and tree branches, which they’ll utilize to reach the top of dwellings. Roof rats tend to nestle in insulation, rafters, garages, and attics. 

Confirming infestation signs are:

  • Finding small footprints and pellets 
  • Hearing scratching and squeaking from behind walls
  • Noticing oily rub marks on foundations and corners
  • Seeing burrows in the ground
  • Catching rodents during the day; they’re nocturnal 

Rodents will chew on many things to manage their teeth, but they gravitate to walls, cords, and pipes. Nothing good can come from this. When they’re finished, you’ll need expensive repairs to be done for cosmetic injury, electrical shortages or fires, and plumbing defects. As food and surfaces can be tainted by the bacteria and parasites in vermin hairs, you could contract lymphocytic choriomeningitis, hantavirus, or salmonella. Those are just three of the conditions these pests are linked to. Microbes are in their urine, feces, and saliva too. They develop more germs from streets, gutters, dumpsters, and other gross settings.

How Can You Prevent Orange County Rodents?

To discourage rodents, you have to focus on exterior care. The purpose is so they won’t have entry points or an environment conducive to thriving. Detailed cleaning measures are vital as well.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Reduce all clutter.
  • Frequently clean the kitchen with detail. Make sure you wash dishes, scrub off counters, and wipe out cabinets.
  • Sweep and mop floors and vacuum rugs on a routine basis. 
  • Use airtight containers for food and garbage storage. Don’t exclude pet fare or birdseed.  
  • Have leaks, and moisture dysfunctions fixed right away. 
  • Patch up openings in foundations, doors, and windows. Use steel wool instead of rubber and plastic; they can gnaw through it. 
  • Rinse out gutters and storm drains regularly. 
  • Sit plants two feet away from the property.  
  • Mow the lawn and trim the greenery often.

What Can Black Diamond Pest Control Do About Orange County Rodents?

Don’t bother with retail traps and pesticides for rodents. They aren’t sufficient for infestations. Plus, vermin hubs are tough to touch. You won’t be able to place them as required carefully. Also, the items may be hazardous. The industrial-grade rodent control solutions we have at Black Diamond Pest Control are safe. Our technicians will employ exclusion gear, glue boards, traps, and more. Call today for a free inspection!