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Problems With Rodent Infestations In Orange County, CA

January 15, 2022 - Home Pest Control

If you saw a rodent scurrying around your floor or even outside around your yard, it can be easy to start to panic. Coming across a rodent suddenly can be shocking, even if you find these animals cute in general. But, the presence of a wild mouse or a rat in your home never means anything good. Both mice and rats are two of the most common home-invading pests in Orange County, and they are also some of the most dangerous and deceptive.

Mice and rats can do similar types of damage, and there aren’t a ton of key differences between them. The main things to note are that rats are bigger than mice, so they can do more damage when comparing individuals. However, since mice reproduce more quickly, the amount of problems they can both cause is similar. It is very unlikely, however, to have an infestation of both species at the same time.

You likely know what rodents look like, but a refresher can still be useful, especially when telling them apart. Rats get to be about 15 inches long, including their tails, and they also have blunter muzzles, shorter tails, and smaller ears in comparison to their bodies. Mice, on the other hand, are about five inches, including their tails. They have pointier muzzles, longer tails, and bigger ears in proportion to their bodies.

Rodents And Destruction In Orange County

The main reason mice and rats are so destructive is that they can chew through so many materials with their powerful teeth. They have incisors that constantly grow, so they must gnaw on objects to wear them down.

They can chew through drywall, plastic, wood, clothing, and wood. They will destroy belongings, and they can also damage the important structural elements of the building such as electoral wires and plumbing.

The last way that rodents can damage your property is through the messes they make. They can leave behind droppings, urine, and fur all over the property, making it challenging to clean up after them, thats why effective pest control in Orange County is so important.

Why Rodents Are Dangerous

While dealing with the destruction around your property can be upsetting and expensive, the more concerning problem with rodents is the health risks they pose. Both mice and rats spread a variety of diseases. These include hantavirus, salmonella, and rat-bite fever. 

There’s also the fact that the droppings, urine, and fur they leave behind can make people sick by leading to hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. These things they leave behind can also lead to allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Finally, mice and rats can carry ticks and fleas. These parasites can then start to live around your property and spread other illnesses, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

The Best Way To Remove Rodents In Orange County

Finding evidence of mice or rats around your home or business? Don’t worry. While this can be very stressful, the professional pest experts at Black Diamond Pest Control are here to help. Rodents are tricky to eradicate completely, but our technicians are up to the challenge. We have the experience and tools to eliminate rodent infestations and to keep them from returning ever again.

Just give us a call today to learn more about rodent control or to request an inspection and rodent control in Costa Mesa, CA.