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Black Widow Spiders In Orange County Can Be Dangerous

July 15, 2022 - Spiders

In the list of most common fears in America, the fear of spiders ranks near the top, and for good reasons. While most spiders will not kill humans or even pets, two of the most dangerous ones, the brown recluse and black widow spiders, can be found in the United States, and their bites can require immediate medical treatment.

If you have spotted a black widow spider on your property, now is the time to learn about the five places where they might hide, what the symptoms of a black widow spider bite are like, and how to kill black widow spiders and keep them out effectively. If you’ve been struggling with black widow spiders in your home, Black Diamond Pest Control provides pest control. In Orange County, you can rely on to get rid of these dangerous pests safely and for good.

Five Places Black Widow Spiders Can Be Hiding In Your Home

If you spot a black widow spider in your home, there will likely be more hiding. Because they prefer dark and sheltered areas, here are five places where black widows might be hiding in your home:

  1. Black widow spiders like to hide in garages, where foot traffic is infrequent and lights are usually off.
  2. They also want to hide in cluttered areas, outdoors or indoors, as they provide a convenient hiding spot.
  3. Black widows prefer to be outside, but when inside, closets offer a good shelter for them since they are usually dark, closed, and only entered occasionally.
  4. If you have a basement, black spiders in your home might decide to establish themselves there. Like garages and closets, they tend to be dark and quiet most of the time.
  5. Even if you keep your home clean, uncluttered and you lack dark spaces like garages and basements, black widows can still opt to hide in dark corners.

Black widows will generally hide in dark, quiet, and warm areas of your house. If you see one, it is vital that you reach out to a professional pest control company, as their bite can be dangerous and will require immediate medical care.

Symptoms Of A Black Widow Spider Bite

It is no wonder that black widow spiders are among the top 10 most dangerous spiders. The symptoms of a black widow spider bite include:

  • Pain, burning, stinging, and a rash at the bite site
  • Headaches, nausea, and even vomiting
  • Numbness, cramping, muscle stiffness
  • High blood pressure and restlessness
  • Sweating and difficulty breathing

The symptoms of a black spider bite can lead to more severe health problems that will necessitate medical attention. If a black widow has bitten you, seek medical treatment immediately.

How To Effectively Kill Black Widow Spiders 

The best way to get rid of spiders is to call a professional pest company. Black widow spiders are dangerous and must be handled carefully and consistently with gloves. 

Experts will advise you on eliminating your infestation using insecticides, pesticides, traps, and more. Don't attempt this independently, as black widow spiders can reproduce quickly, leading to a more significant population if you cannot control it when it is still relatively small. They will also recommend various ways to keep black widow spiders from coming back.

How To Keep Black Widow Spiders Out Of Your Home

It might be tempting to try DIY methods such as indoor plants that repel spiders, but few of them are effective for venomous black widow spiders. A professional pest control company can help you identify the different types of black spiders in your home and determine the best course of action to safely and effectively remove the infestation. After successful treatment, keep your home free of clutter, dust, and tall grass in your yard to deter black widow spiders. A routine inspection can also help keep your property from these dangerous pests.

Black widow spiders are a dangerous type of spider that professionals best handle. If you’ve been struggling with black widow spiders in your home, Black Diamond Pest Control provides spider control. In Orange County, you can rely on to get rid of these dangerous pests safely and for good.